Local Membership

Local membership is open to those who live, or own a house on Islay, Jura or Colonsay. Such membership is not restricted and the current fees are shown below. Memberships run from 1st April to 31st March. Reduced fees are applied for anyone joining after 1st September.

Category 2021 / 22 Fee
Full Adult £432
Adult 25-29 £216
Adult 21-24 £130
Adult 18-20 £43
Senior £216
Junior £10

Country Memberships

For those not eligible for local membership, country memberships may be available, though they are currently limited to 200 adult members. Filling in the application form below will put you on a waiting list if membership is full.

Currently a small number of places are available for Country Membership of Islay Golf Club.  Two references from existing members are required.

Category 2021 / 22 Fee
Full Adult £410
Adult 18-20 £205
Senior £205
Junior (under 18) £10