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Scottish Golf Union Vouchers
Written by Scott Currie   
Monday, 17 June 2013 09:27
Please note that from now on, unless there is a specific prize from a sponsor, all club competition prizes will be in the form of vouchers as per the rules of amateur golf.  For small prizes (£10 or under) Co-op vouchers will be used. For all other prizes Scottish Golf Union vouchers will be issued.  These vouchers can be used in many outlets - I understand that American Golf will take them, as will most golf pro shops.  Locally the Machrie and Ron Goudie will accept them - though note that no change will be given by anyone.  An addition benefit is that these vouchers can be used against your next year's subscription, though only if you pay the balance in a single payment, i.e. not in conjunction with the 10 monthly payments system.
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