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Signing on of Guests
Written by Scott Currie   
Monday, 27 August 2012 10:03

The Machrie are advising that increasing numbers of members are turning up to sign guests on without having their fixtures books with them. This is causing hassle and embarrassment all round and it is unfair on the hotel staff who have no idea how many guests you have already signed on.

You MUST have your fixtures book with you in order to sign on guests - the hotel is perfectly within its rights to require full payment if you don't, so I suggest you keep it in your golf bag, so it will always be handy. Note also that you must play with anyone you sign on - which in effect limits you to three sign-ons at any one time.

There is now an amendment to our agreement with the Machrie Hotel such that new members are NOT permitted to sign on any guests until they have been a member for three months. (This is obviously to prevent large groups visiting for only a few days from having one or two members join and sign the others on).

Note that anyone allowing their membership to lapse, or downgrade to "retained", will be treated as a new member should they rejoin. It does not matter how late in the year you rejoin as long as you were a member in the previous year, and pay the full subscription due, then your membership will be continuous.  Anyone whose membership has lapsed, and who wishes to sign people on, will have to rejoin three months in advance of the requirement.  The joining date is the date on which the full payment has been received. 

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