Machrie Winter Golf
Weekday Social Golf
October 2023 – March 2024
In an effort to allow all members (Ladies and Gents) to turn up and be guaranteed a game it is
proposed to run social golf on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9.30am. This will commence with a trial
meeting on Thursday 5th October. To participate just be on the first tee for 9.25am with an
identifiable golf ball and the groupings will be drawn out of the most respectable and clean looking
If numbers permit we will try a number of different team events including the occasional Texas
Scramble and 3 or 4 teams competing with the best 2 stableford scores to count. Entry will be £1
per person, which I hope wont put anyone off, and the winning team takes the proceeds.
We have spoken to Ian Ferguson, the new hotel manager, and it is hoped that soup and sandwiches
will be available from 1.00pm to 2.00pm when the bulk of the participants complete their round.
Obviously with winter weather there will be days when we don’t play or days when we play a
shortened course. We will deal with that when it occurs.
We hope to share round the tee booking, drawing the teams and checking the cards. The new online
booking system should allow a couple of consecutive times to be booked in advance but good
communication is going to be required in that we cannot book more tee times than we need. David
Foley was very clear about that as he cannot have several tee times blocked out for us if only 1 ends
up being required. Below are 3 numbers that can be contacted should you plan to play or if there are
any queries.
Donald Hendry – 07939630730
Gordon Hyslop – 07767824826
Angus Kerr – 07950126772
It would be good to have expressions of interest from those who would like to participate over the
winter. This will help with initial tee bookings. We are also very open to constructive comments
about how we run this. It’s purely an attempt to attract more people to socialise and enjoy golf in the
winter months.
We hope it will prove popular. It will make finding golf partners and getting to know members
easier for new club members. It will hopefully draw people out to exercise and socialise when a day
in front of the fire doesn’t appeal 🙂
We look forward to hearing from you, phone-call, text, WhatsApp or MSN Messenger.

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