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Insurance and Use of Buggies on the Course
Written by Scott Currie   
Thursday, 26 April 2018 14:45

There is now a small card for you to take away re the members and signed-on visitors insurance cover we now have - they are in Cottage 2.  Remember that any claim has to be made promptly and through the secretary who will issue claim forms. It should also be noted that "the ownership, possession, maintenance or use by any member or visitor or on behalf of any member or visitor of any buggy"is SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED.

The Machrie have introduced a Buggy & Trolley Policy which I understand you have to sign to take a buggy out - mostly common sense, but it states "Any person who operates a buggy on the course....will be fully accountable for their actions and the consequences thereof". It does not mention insurance, so if you are a regular buggy user you may wish to investigate taking out personal cover for buggy use. Carrick Neil, through whom we have our insurance, can offer this on a per person basis - there are advertising cards for this in Cottage 2. No doubt there are many other people offering such cover and this is not an endorsement from the club for Carrick Neil's policy.



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