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Meeting with D J Russell
Written by Scott Currie   
Tuesday, 16 May 2017 08:08

The Islay Golf Club Committee met with D.J. Russell and Dean Muir on Saturday 13th May to start the process of agreeing how the Club and the Hotel
will work together to ensure the successful continuation of the Club and the success of the exceptional hotel and golf course facilities now nearly complete.

The meeting was very friendly and constructive and the Club have been tasked with coming up with proposals on how we can best contribute to the Hotel project.
There are a large number of issues to think about and these will be debated at the next Committee Meeting on May 25th.

Members will be given a progress report at the AGM on July 29th.

Can all members please take note that D.J. Russell is now the formal point of contact with the hotel and, to ensure that the Club speaks with one voice,
please direct any suggestions and comments to our Captain, Jay Docherty.