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Committee Descisions
Written by Scott Currie   
Thursday, 27 June 2013 13:16

This document lists all relevant current committee decisions with regard to the running of the Club – a sort of “standing orders” document.

Booking            The booking system for events will close at midnight on the Monday before the event – players must turn up at the time they have booked unless everyone else at that time has withdrawn., they cannot opt to turn up at 8.00am instead.

Competitions   All players in competitions must have a valid competition handicap and must have paid their annual subscriptions or set up a direct debit to do so.

Kildalton Cross Entry money to be requested in advance when subscriptions go out.

                        There will be a new prize for best Senior Qualifier.

                        The Captain’s Prize round on the Monday is also Senior Cross Qualifying.

                         Dinner tickets must be paid for by the Tuesday of the week to confirm numbers.

                         S.W.Thomson competition is for over 70s.

Prizes                SGU or Co-op vouchers to be used for prizes unless a sponsor has provided one.

Visitors v Locals     Ladies are eligible but not juniors.

Youth                Youth membership is defined as 16-21. Youth members have same rights as adult members.

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