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THE ISLAY GOLF CLUB CONSTITUTION (Revised August 2013)  Click for PDF version

I.Name of Club

1.The Club shall be called "THE ISLAY GOLF CLUB", hereafter referred to as ‘the Club’.







2.The Club shall affiliate to the Scottish Golf Union, Scottish Ladies’ Golf Association and Argyll And Bute Area Golf Association.



II. Objectives


1.The Club shall hold the following as its aims and objectives and shall strive to fulfil these aims and objectives at all times:



2.To fulfil the general objectives and functions of a golf Club and sports Club and by undertaking such activities as may be reasonably necessary and/or incidental to such objectives;



3. To generally promote the game of golf for the benefit of members and the local community;


Promotion of Golf

4.To promote and abide by the Rules of Golf as they are fixed from time to time by The R&A;


Rules of Golf

5.To provide access to golf for players of all standards in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere that does not discriminate on the grounds of gender, age, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation or disability;


Access to Golf

6. To arrange competitions and matches for members;


III. Membership


1. The Membership shall consist of


1.       Ordinary,

2.       Senior (in receipt of state pension)

3.       Junior ( under 16 )*

4.       Young (16 to 21)*

5.       Country (above categories not on Islay or Jura electoral roll)

6.       Complimentary (as agreed by the committee)

7.       Retained (kept on mailing list only)

8.       Staff of Machrie Hotel and Links

9.       Honorary Members.

*or ages as defined by the General Committee







2. The admission of members shall rest with the General Committee.  Every candidate for membership shall complete a nomination form which must be signed by a proposer and seconder of at least three years standing, unless agreed otherwise by the committee. On the admission of a candidate the Secretary shall notify him/her in writing, furnish him/her with a copy of the Constitution and request him/her to pay the Entry Money and Annual Fees and on payment thereof he/she shall become a member of the Club (provided that, if such payment be not made within two months after the date of notification, the General Committee may at their discretion cancel such admission.


Election of Members

3. All members joining the Club shall be deemed to accept the terms of this Constitution and any Standing Orders from time to time adopted by the Club in particular including the requirement to conduct themselves in accordance with any conduct rules, equity policy and disciplinary procedures.


Acceptance of Constitution

4. The General Committee may admit as a Junior Member a boy or girl under 16* years of age A Junior Member shall enjoy all the privileges of the Clubhouse and course on such conditions as the Committee shall from time to time determine, and on attaining 16* years of age and on payment of the appropriate increase in subscription, if any, shall be admitted automatically as an Young Member. A Young Member shall have the same privileges as an Adult member and on attaining 21* years of age and on payment of the appropriate increase in subscription, if any, shall be admitted automatically as an Ordinary member.

(* or at an age to be agreed with the Hotel).

Junior Members

5. The General Committee may confer the distinction of Honorary Membership on any person in recognition of service rendered to Members, the game or the Club. There will be a limit on the number of such members to be set by the General Committee.



6. A copy of the Constitution of the Club shall be posted on the website and a copy lie in the Clubhouse.



7. It shall be incumbent upon members to inform the Secretary of any change of address, otherwise the Club shall not be held responsible for the non-delivery of communications to members.


Change of Address


IV. Management


1. The management of the Club shall be invested in a General Committee consisting of the Captain, the Vice-Captain, the immediate past-Captain, the proprietor of Machrie Hotel, the match secretaries and nine other members to be elected as after-mentioned; five to form a quorum. At least half the members of the Committee shall be resident on the Island of Islay and all members of the committee, with the exception of the Proprietor of Machrie Hotel, must be members of the Club. The Secretary and treasurer shall be ex-officio members of the General Committee.





General Committee.

2. The Captain and the Vice-Captain shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall hold office for one year.


Captain and Vice-Captain

3. Nominations of Members for election to the General Committee shall be sent to the Secretary, signed by not less than two Members at least seven days prior to the Annual General Meeting.


Nomination to


4. The election shall take place at the Annual General Meeting, when a vote, if necessary, shall be taken by ballot, and the result immediately thereafter declared. Ties shall be decided by another vote taken in the same manner.


Election of Committee

5. Members of the General Committee exclusive of the Captain and the Vice-Captain shall be elected for a term of three years. One-third of their number shall retire annually by rotation but shall be eligible for re-election.


Length of Service

6. The General Committee shall have power to fill up vacancies occurring in their number in the course of the year, and any Member so elected shall, if confirmed by the Club at the next Annual General Meeting, complete the unexpired term of service arising from the vacancy to which he was elected.



7. The General Committee shall have all powers necessary for the full and efficient conduct of the affairs of the Club, and all Regulations made or orders given by the Committee shall be binding on every Member.


Powers of Committee

8. No Member of any Committee, and person employed by the Club, shall in a private capacity, either directly or indirectly, enter into any pecuniary contract or transaction with the Club for work, services or supply of goods, unless such contract or transaction, and the connection of such Member of Committee, Manager or servant therewith, have been previously approved of at a meeting of the General Committee.


Club Contracts

9. The General Committee shall appoint Competition and Handicap Committees and such other sub-committees as it may seem desirable. Other Members of the club shall be eligible for all sub-committees but at least two-thirds of each shall be from the General Committee. The General Committee shall appoint the Conveners, and determine the powers of all sub-committees.



10. All Meetings of the General Committee shall be called by circular or e-mail and, except in case of an Emergency Meeting, at least three days notice must be given.


Notice of Meetings

11. The General Committee shall hold meetings for the dispatch of all competent business as often as shall be required by the Captain.


Committee Meetings

12. The Captain and Vice-Captain and immediate past-Captain shall be, ex-officio, Members of all Committees.


Ex-Officio Members of



13. At all Meetings of the Club, or of the General Committee, the Captain or, in his absence, the Vice-Captain shall take the chair, and, failing both of these, the Meeting shall elect a Chair. At any sub-committee Meeting, the Convener shall take the chair.


Chair of Meetings.

14. The Chair shall have a deliberative and, in cases of equality, a casting vote at all Meetings of the Club General Committee or sub-committees except as otherwise provided.


Casting Vote

15. At the Annual General Meeting, one or two Officials shall be appointed as Secretary and Treasurer on such terms as may from time to time be fixed by the Committee. The Committee shall have the power at any time to dispense with his or her services, on one month's notice being given.


Secretary and Treasurer


16. At the Annual General Meeting one or two officials shall be appointed as Match Secretary for the purpose of arranging all competitions and matches and the recording of all handicap information.


Match Secretary

17. The Secretary shall keep full and correct  Minutes of all proceedings at Meetings of the Club General Committee, and sub-committees; the match secretary shall be responsible for the safe and proper keeping of all the Club's Handicap and Match Books;


Duties of Secretary & Match Secretary.

18. The Secretary and Treasurer shall have no vote in any deliberations of the Club unless he or they shall have been a Member of the Club prior to appointment to office.


Secretary & Voting.


V. Meetings of the Club


1. The Annual General Meeting of the Club shall be held on such day in each year as the General Committee shall determine, when the Office-Bearers and Committee shall be elected and a duly audited statement of the Club's affairs submitted to the Meeting.






2. The General Committee shall have power to call Special Meetings of the Club, and shall be bound to call a Meeting within fourteen days of receiving a written requisition signed by at least twenty Members, and stating the business.


Special Meetings.


3. All Meetings of the Club shall be called by- e-mail and notice on the website giving at least six days notice to all members entitled to attend and vote at such meetings.


Calling of Meetings

4. At all Meetings of the Club, twenty shall form a Quorum.



5. At the Annual General Meeting there shall be appointed an auditor or auditors who shall hold the qualification of Chartered Accountant, or other person whom the membership are satisfied  can fulfil the role.



VI. Subscriptions


1.All members, shall pay an Entrance Fee, which may be zero, to join the Club and a yearly subscription to remain a member (including  the first year). The Club shall provide notice of subscriptions due, including methods of payment available to members.






2. The Entrance Fee and Annual Club Membership Fees for each category of Member shall be as proposed by the Committee in order to meet the annual payment charged by the owners of the Course at Machrie for the use of the course by Club Members.


Entrance Fee and

Golf Subscription.

3. The Annual Club Membership Fees shall become due on 1st. April each year and any Member failing to pay such fee on or before 30th April shall be held as in arrears. Non payment of such Membership fee within fourteen days thereafter will be considered equivalent to resignation but it shall be in the option of the Committee to reinstate any such Members, on good cause being shown and on payment of all arrears.





VII. Finance


1.The financial year shall run from 1St April to 31st March






Financial Year

2. All moneys other than those required to be held in cash as determined below in this sub-section received by Treasurer shall be lodged as soon as possible after receipt in the name of the Club in a Bank fixed by the Committee and all cheques shall be signed by the Treasurer and one other office-bearer or nominee of the General Committee. The Treasurer shall be authorised to retain in cash a sum for small disbursements, the maximum level of which shall be determined by the General Committee.


Moneys and Cheques

3.The treasurer shall receive and disburse all moneys due to and by the Club; is/are hereby authorised to sue on behalf of the Club; shall keep correct accounts and books showing the financial affairs of the Club and shall make available at the Annual General Meeting, to every Member, a statement thereof down to 31st March preceding such meeting.


Treasurer’s Duties

4. The treasurer will be given permission by the General Committee to operate the bank account electronically unless there is good cause not to so do. This shall exclude making electronic payments unless agreed in advance with the Captain or Vice-Captain.


Electronic Access

5. The accounts shall be certified by the Club's independent Auditor as approved at the AGM



6. All members of the Club shall be jointly and severally liable for the financial liabilities of the Club.


Members’ Liability

7. Without prejudice to the foregoing generality the General Committee shall be entitled to arrange borrowing facilities with the Club's Bankers or any other banking institution by way of overdraft or other suitable manner provided always that such borrowing does not exceed the limit determined by the Members for the time being.  The borrowing limit for the time being shall be fixed at the Annual General Meeting of the Members of the Club or at any other Extraordinary General Meeting called for this purpose.


Borrowing Facilities



VIII. Resignations


1. All Resignations must be sent in writing to the Secretary before the 31st day of March, after which all on the roll shall be held liable for the Annual Subscription and for their share of the Club's obligations.






IX Disciplinary Procedures


All members will be subject to the Disciplinary Procedures, which are published on the Club’s website and in hard copy in the Clubhouse.  In particular various penalties, up to and including suspension or expulsion from the Club may be imposed by the Disciplinary  and Appeals Committees.





Suspension or Expulsion.

X. Property


1.The heritable property belonging to the Club shall be vested in the Captain, Vice-Captain, Secretary and Treasurer for the time being, as trustees for behoof of the Club.






2. The property, effects, and moneys of the Club shall belong to the Members equally during Membership; but the right and interest of every Member shall be personal and limited to himself, and shall not be assignable or arrestable, or pass to his executors or representatives.


Interest of Members.


XI. Compliance with Constitution


1. A Member on payment of all moneys due thereby submits himself to the Constitution and Standing Orders of the Club, both as to restrictions enjoyed and penalties imposed, and on these conditions alone is entitled to the advantages and privileges of the Club. No Member shall be absolved from the effect of the Constitution on any allegation of not having received it.





Compliance with Constitution.


XII. Alteration of Constitution


1. No alteration shall be made in the foregoing Constitution except at the Annual General Meeting, or at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose, and notice calling such Meeting shall state the alteration proposed to be made, but no such alteration shall take effect unless it is affirmed by at least

two-thirds of those voting.


Alteration of Constitution.


XIII. Dissolution or Winding Up of the Club


1.The Club is non-profit-making and all profits and surpluses will be used to maintain and or improve the Club facilities or to carry out the objectives of the Club.





Profits and Surpluses

2. No profit or surplus shall be distributed (other than to another non-profit making body on a winding up or dissolution of the Club).


Distribution of Profits

3. If upon winding up or dissolution of the Club there remains after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities any property whatsoever this shall be transferred either to any association to which the Club is affiliated or, to some other organisation or organisations having objects similar to the Club.  This organisation shall be determined by the members of the Club by resolution passed at a General Meeting. 

Winding up




This constitution has been approved in accordance with XII above, and accepted as the constitution for the Islay Golf Club, signed,



July 31st 2011


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